UV Sterilizer & Ozone Generator

Stainless steel reaction chamber

UV sterilizing, a safe and effective way of sterilization, damages the reproduction of or kills disease organisms or viruses by sabotaging or changing their DNA. Ecowater UV sterilizer is easy to maintain with separate module units,independent sterilizing chamber and electrical console. The space between UV tubes are designed to provide certain UV to chamber water. The high end tubes and high energy built-in power source make sure the enhanced UV output.

High quality imported lamp

Carbon steel spraying (including time accumulator, fault indicator, power indicator, pressure gauge)
Automatic cleaning device, including air compressor.

Rhizos high-quality ultraviolet lamp: low-voltage high-strength, service life: 13,000 hours; output utilization rate up to 95%, the highest sterilization rate up to 99%.

High transmittance quartz bushing, high power electronic ballast, power factor 0.98, power: 220V/50HZ

Specifications & Models


Flow Rate
Model No. Diameter Power
2 EWG-UVS-2 25 40 (SUS316L)
6 EWG-UVS-6 32 80 (SUS316L)
8 EWG-UVS-8 40 120 (SUS316L)
12 EWG-UVS-12 50 160 (SUS316L)
15 EWG-UVS-15 65 200 (SUS316L)
20 EWG-UVS-20 65 240 (SUS316L)
25 EWG-UVS-25 80 280 (SUS316L)
30 EWG-UVS-30 100 320 (SUS316L)
40 EWG-UVS-40 100 360 (SUS316L)
50 EWG-UVS-50 125 435 (SUS316L)
60 EWG-UVS-60 150 450 (SUS316L)
80 EWG-UVS-80 150 620 (SUS316L)
100 EWG-UVS-100 150 775 (SUS316L)
125 EWG-UVS-125 150 930 (SUS316L)
150 EWG-UVS-150 200 1240 (SUS316L)
200 EWG-UVS-200 200 1550 (SUS316L)
300 EWG-UVS-300 250 2170 (SUS316L)

As recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) operate by reusing the aquarium waste water the ozone generator technology is essential to monitor the water quality. All existing studies show that treating RAS systems with ozone increases productivity as fish health and survival is insured via healthier water conditions.

Safe for RAS

EWG ozone generator comes in two types: air-sourced and oxygen-sourced. It improves breeding water in sterilizing, disease-fighting and red tide control. Also it conditions the cellular respiration, decrease seeding death rate dramatically and increase food transfer rate, which brings a significant change to water saving, factorial breeding and seeding. It has no remains, costs less, runs a high density and goes green only in 1-2 minutes.

uv & ozone combination process (EWG-UVS-16)

The method of EWG-UVS-16 is to disinfect the water with ozone and irradiate the water with ultraviolet rays of a certain wavelength. The dissolved ozone in the water reacts rapidly to produce hydroxyl radicals. The hydroxyl radicals are more oxidative than ozone, and it can be used to disinfect the bacteria in the water to a greater extent. Kill and react with organic matter in water in a very short time.
Through the PLC automatic control module, the system collects, analyzes and processes the ozone content data in the water body, and completely realizes the automatic control of ozone dosage in the aquaculture water body. The water treatment effect and sterilization effect of UVS-16 are obviously higher than those of ozone or ultraviolet radiation alone. In the recirculating aquaculture system, EWG ozone-ultraviolet combined process has better killing effect on total heterotrophic bacteria and total coliform bacteria.