EWG has built independent Production of 80% RAS equipments

EWG Protein Skimmer

EWG-RAS consists of physical filtration system, biological filtration system, thermostatic system, sterilization and disinfection system, water quality online monitoring system and so on. Physical filtration system mainly includes Rotary Drum Filter,Protein Skimmer, Sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter used in specific systems.

Focus on removal of pollutants below 30 um

EWG Protein separator is mainly used to remove all kinds of granular dirt and soluble organic matter which can not be removed by Drum Filter.  Suspended pollutants of different media adhere to the surface of micro-bubbles, accumulate on the upper surface of the water to be pushed to the top of the discharge, so that the suspended particles and colloids in the water (mainly the baits and excreta of cultured organisms) are not decomposed into harmful substances such as NH3 and NH4 + before separation from water.

The separation efficiency of suspended solids is greatly improved.

Enhanced multi-chamber structure is adopted in the EWG protein separator. A large number of micro-bubbles move upward in the three-phase system of water, gas and particle, and mix fully with the downward flow. By controlling bubble size, bubble rising speed and contact time of water, gas and particle mixing, the ability of bubble adhering to particles and the overall separation efficiency are greatly improved. The effect is better than that of ordinary protein skimmer at the same flow rate. Above 30%, the separation efficiency index has reached or near the international level.

The integration of gas, water and particle is more complete.

Enhanced multi-chamber structure makes the fusion of gas, water and particle more fully by controlling bubble size, bubble rising speed and gas-water ratio of water, gas and particle contact time, and accurately controlling the gas-water ratio.

The first in China to control micro bubble size

After years of repeated tests and improvements, the EWG team has made use of the foam separation theory to make the size of microbubbles controllable through the unique design of the inner chamber of the protein separator and the precise control of the gas-water ratio.

Specifications & Models


Flow Rate
Model No. Specification Power
4  EWG-PRO-4 φ250*1730 250 420*320*1350 50
7  EWG-PRO-7 φ400*1730 370 500*460*1750 67
14  EWG-PRO-14 φ500*2190 900 800*650*1800 75
20  EWG-PRO-20 Ф600*2500 900 筒:850*850*1650
30  EWG-PRO-30 Ф600*3000 1100 筒:850*850*2150
35  EWG-PRO-35 Ф700*2500 1500 筒:950*950*1700
50  EWG-PRO-50 Ф700*3000 1500 筒:950*950*2160
55  EWG-PRO-55 Ф850*2500 1500 筒:1100*1100*1700
70  EWG-PRO-70 Ф850*3000 1500 筒:1100*1100*2200
80  EWG-PRO-80 Ф850*3500 1850 筒:1100*1100*2700
85  EWG-PRO-85 Ф955*2500 2200 筒:1290*1290*1700
95  EWG-PRO-95 Ф955*3000 2200 筒:1290*1290*2200
100  EWG-PRO-105 Ф955*3500 2200 筒:1320*1320*2700
150  EWG-PRO-135 Ф1200*3000 3000 筒:1470*1470*2200
200  EWG-PRO-185 Ф1400*3000 3700 筒:1700*1700*2200

Combined use with ozone Generator

Protein skimmer is combined together with ozone, under the strong oxidation of ozone, non-ionic ammonia (NH3) is converted into ionic ammonia (NH4 +), NH3 and NH4 + are in dynamic equilibrium in water, and strong oxygen through ozone (O3). Ionic ammonia (NH4 +) is converted into N2 and released into the atmosphere. Protein and NH3 / NH4 + are eventually converted into harmless substances for cultured fish.

Other Mechanical Filters of EWG-RAS

In the recirculating aquaculture system, EWG ozone-ultraviolet combined process has better killing effect on total heterotrophic bacteria and total coliform bacteria.

The method of EWG-UVS-16 is to disinfect the water with ozone and irradiate the water with ultraviolet rays of a certain wavelength. The dissolved ozone in the water reacts rapidly to produce hydroxyl radicals. The hydroxyl radicals are more oxidative than ozone, and it can be used to disinfect the bacteria in the water to a greater extent. Kill and react with organic matter in water in a very short time.

Through the PLC automatic control module, the system collects, analyzes and processes the ozone content data in the water body, and completely realizes the automatic control of ozone dosage in the aquaculture water body. The water treatment effect and sterilization effect of UVS-16 are obviously higher than those of ozone or ultraviolet radiation alone.