EWG has built independent Production of 80% RAS equipments

EWG Rotating Drum Filter

High efficiency, low cost, environmentally friendly, controllable production procedures instead of low efficiency, high pollution, nature-reliant traditional mode

Thickened stainless steel frame

The body of EWG Drum Filter, including sprocket, bearing, screw and other accessories are all made of 316L stainless steel. The main frame and roller frame are made of thickened 316L stainless steel tube.

Block detachable structure

Rotary drum adopts piecewise design, which reduces switching time by 75%, switching cost by more than 80%. Strict structure design, high standard parts selection, stable and smooth operation, long-term use without worries.

Double-deck Drum seal

Double-decked drum, multi-channel seal, the whole series of stainless steel filter imported from Japan 316L, can be used for long-term seawater RAS without rust.

The removal rate of organic matter in target particles reaches the lowest 85%.

Low failure rate

Strainer mesh adopts a durable and filtering-efficient 316L stainless steel , making it excel in processing high volume PM. We provide with whole series water flows and mesh sizes. Based on different Aqua species, density and flows of RAS, we give our best matching and lowest energy-consuming customization service.

Specifications & Models


Model no. Material Rotary Drum Dimension Flow rate
EWG-EDF6S-430 (SUS316) φ1500*2500长 3200*1800*2150 430T/H
EWG-EDF6S- (SUS316) φ1500*2350长 3050*1800*2150 400 T/H
EWG-EDF6S-360 (SUS316) φ1500*2100长 2800*1750*2100 360 T/H
EWG-EDF6S-275 (SUS316) φ1200*2000长 2550*1400*1600 275 T/H
EWG-EDF6S-210 (SUS316) φ1080*1700长 2200*1160*1400 210 T/H
EWG-EDF6S-160 (SUS316) φ1080*1300长 1850*1260*1500  160 T/H
EWG-EDF6S-110 (SUS316) φ820*1200长 1600*1260*1501 110 T/H
EWG-EDF6S-90 (SUS316) φ820*1000长 1600*960*1150 90 T/H
EWG-EDF6S-60 (SUS316) φ600*1000长 1300*730*900 60 T/H
EWG-EDF6S-30 (SUS316) φ500*600长 1000*620*800 30 T/H

Especially for aquaculture, fully automatic cleaning

EWG drum filter has a simple, durable design, which makes the strainer not so easily broken by back wash impact and also reduces man hour of strainer replacement of more than 75%. The unique support frame design makes the roller more stable, lengthening the equipment life.

Other Mechanical Filters of EWG-RAS

In the recirculating aquaculture system, EWG ozone-ultraviolet combined process has better killing effect on total heterotrophic bacteria and total coliform bacteria.

The method of EWG-UVS-16 is to disinfect the water with ozone and irradiate the water with ultraviolet rays of a certain wavelength. The dissolved ozone in the water reacts rapidly to produce hydroxyl radicals. The hydroxyl radicals are more oxidative than ozone, and it can be used to disinfect the bacteria in the water to a greater extent. Kill and react with organic matter in water in a very short time.

Through the PLC automatic control module, the system collects, analyzes and processes the ozone content data in the water body, and completely realizes the automatic control of ozone dosage in the aquaculture water body. The water treatment effect and sterilization effect of UVS-16 are obviously higher than those of ozone or ultraviolet radiation alone.