EWG has built independent Production of 80% RAS equipments

Fish Pond of FRP & Plastic

EWG-RAS is composed of physical filtration system, biological filtration system, thermostatic system, sterilization and disinfection system, water quality on-line monitoring system and FRP fish pond. The FRP fish pond mainly includes fiberglass reinforced plastic culture pond, nursery pond, square incubator and so on.

Fish Pond of Fibergalss Reinforced Plastic

High purity resin material

Most of the EWG-RAS fish ponds are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), the main component of which is resin. It is a substance with a density less than water and can be customized according to individual needs.

Longer service life

Our company adopts the most stringent control requirements for the purity and quality of raw materials in the industry to ensure that the number of fiberglass layers and production process are strictly in accordance with the process flow, finished products can reach food grade, outdoor service life can reach 50 years.

Fish pond production workshop

Fiberglass reinforced plastic fish pond products need corresponding molds in production, but in the production process, according to customer requirements flexible transformation.

Each FRP culture pond or incubator is tested for leak proof before leaving the factory to verify that the sealing performance meets the requirements.

Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

FRP fishpond has excellent corrosion resistance. Neither strong acids nor strong bases can damage the finished products.

Its main ingredient is silicon dioxide. Under natural conditions, there is no aging phenomenon in silicon dioxide. The advanced resin can have at least 50 years of life under natural conditions.

Specifications & Models


Fish Pond Model No. Specification Volume(M3)
EWG-FRPR700 Φ700*600mm 0.17
EWG-FRPR1000 Φ1000*700mm 0.47
EWG-FRPR1440850  Φ1440*850mm 1.38
EWG-FRPR1440750 Φ1440*750mm 1.15
EWG-FRPR14401000 Φ1440*1000mm 1.63
EWG-FRPR1640 Φ1640*1200mm 2.5
EWG-FRPR2000700  Φ2000*700mm 2.2
EWG-FRPR2000800 Φ2000*800mm 2.5
EWG-FRPR2400 Φ2400*900mm 4.06
EWG-FRPR2500 Φ2500*1150mm 5.64
EWG-FRPR3000800 Φ3000*800mm 5.7
EWG-FRPR30001000 Φ3000*1000mm 7
EWG-FRPR30001300 Φ3000*1300mm 9.2
EWG-FRPR50001200 Φ5000*1200mm 23.5
EWG-FRPR50001400 Φ5000*1400mm 27.5
EWG-FRPR54001400 Φ5400*1400mm 32
EWG-FRPR58001400 Φ5800*1400mm 37
EWG-FRPR60001200 Φ6000*1200mm 34
EWG-FRPR65002000 Φ6500*2000mm 66
EWG-FRPR72001600 Φ7200*1600mm 65
EWG-FRPS50001401 2000*800*600mm 0.96
EWG-FRPS50001402 3260*850*890mm 2.47

Especially for aquaculture

The EWG fishpond (FRP) is mainly designed based on recirculating aquaculture system. EWG has a  Yushchenko incubator with high impact resistance. Just right elasticity and very flexible mechanical strength enable it to withstand strong physical shocks.

Other types fish pond of EWG-RAS

FRP is a new type of high strength material, which can be made into different shapes and sizes according to customer requirements.

The advantages of both resins and fiberglass materials are combined to greatly enhance their impact resistance, and the fiberglass has no problem of aging. This allows FRP materials to be used in open air for many years, as well as new ones.

At the same time, FRP is also a very lightweight material, which can be easily moved when the equipment is installed.