EWG Aqua60 Online Monitoring

EWG AQUA60 online monitoring system covers indexes of PH, ammonia nitrogen,COD,BOD,salt,temperature etc.
Real-time: live monitoring, first-hand data,report and info-check;
In-time: quick response to abnormality and pre-arranged planning;
Original: target water quality monitor, vertical monitoring of different waters, original water quality parameters.

Stronger anti-jamming capability

EWG-AQUA60 uses PLC to collect and transfer environmental data to the host computer. Imported PLC can collect and process water quality information accurately, punctually and efficiently, and intelligently control environmental factors such as dissolved oxygen, PH value, ORP, ammonia nitrogen, salinity, hydrogen sulfate and water temperature. Because the air humidity of aquaculture plant is relatively high, PLC has a strong anti-interference ability compared with other control means, and can work normally in the face of various harsh environments.

Intelligent automatic control

Through the collected data, PLC will analyze the data, if the environmental factors deviate, PLC will automatically control the equipment in the aquaculture system to adjust, such as heating components, oxygen components, ozone, ultraviolet light, water pumps and so on.

More comprehensive data query

AQUA60 system can set up a variety of detection items according to customer needs. There are two kinds of data display on the monitoring page, including real-time dynamic data and historical data. There are two forms of data. One is table form and the other is curvilinear form. Customers can always view the historical data during the breeding period, according to historical data can effectively improve the breeding methods (historical data storage period can be customized according to customer requirements).

More reliable alarm mode

The AQUA60 system also has an intelligent alarm system, equipped with the most advanced communication module in China at present. When a certain data index exceeds the set value of the customer, the system will automatically alarm, and send alarm information to the pre-set telephone number of 1-3 administrators, and dial the administrator telephone one by one to prevent the late-night unexpected situation.