EWG has built independent Production of 80% RAS equipments

EWG Heat Pump

EWG-RAS consists of physical filtration system, biological filtration system, thermostatic system, sterilization and disinfection system, water quality online monitoring system and so on. Thermostatic system mostly uses heat pump.

Excellent performance

EWG heat pump water heater uses the world’s leading technology, selects world-famous brand accessories, and carries out rigorous testing to ensure its reasonable match. Compressor energy efficiency ratio is high, low noise; efficient heat exchanger to ensure the full capacity of the unit; superior performance of heat pump unit dedicated motor, pumps and other components running smoothly, vibration and noise is extremely low.

Easy operation

The unit is controlled by microcomputer and all temperature settings have been completed in the factory. The unit automatically detects the water temperature and adjusts it automatically. The user only needs to activate the switch button, and all operations are carried out automatically by the unit.

Strong environmental adaptability

The shell of the unit is made of galvanized steel plate, phosphated, and sprayed with pure polyester resin to withstand the sun, rain, water and wind erosion.

The unit has reasonable structure design, small floor area, no special machine room is needed for installation, and can be placed in front of the room and behind the balcony roof. Excellent performance of the unit ensures normal operation at high temperature (43 C) or low temperature (- 10 C) under harsh conditions.

Self running control

The unit is equipped with high and low pressure protectors, exhaust temperature protectors and other protective devices to ensure that the unit operates in a safe range. The microcomputer controller automatically controls the start and stop of the unit through the feedback of the water temperature to ensure the safe operation of the unit. Microcomputer controller automatically monitors the operation of each component and feeds back to the line controller (including faults), which greatly facilitates the operator to judge and check the operation of the unit. Ensure users use the unit safely and efficiently.

Specifications & Models


Especially for aquaculture

The heat pump water heater designed by our company can meet the users’highest requirements on product reliability, safety and flexibility.

The unit is flexible and can be equipped with different sizes of tanks, depending on the user’s water consumption.

The unit has the advantages of energy saving, quiet operation, convenient installation and maintenance, simple operation and small floor area.

Plate heat exchange system of EWG-RAS

Recirculating Aquaculture System(RAS) combines the characteristics of aquaculture, microbiology, environmental science and other disciplines in a relatively closed space, using a variety of biological, physical and chemical methods to quickly remove the excrement of aquatic organisms and food residues, so that the water quality can be reused after purification, and the general water weight is reused. The utilization rate is over 90%. On the premise of adding only a small amount of supplementary water, recycled water is used for intensive cultivation of high density aquatic organisms.