EWG has built independent Production of 80% RAS equipments

EWG Upwelling biofilter

EWG-RAS consists of physical filtration system, biological filtration system, thermostatic system, sterilization and disinfection system, water quality online monitoring system and so on. Biofiltration system mainly includes moving bed biofilter (MBBR), modular biofilter and upflow biofilter box.

Submerged upward flow Biofiltration

EWG has a  upwelling biological filter, which can speed up the packing to hang membrane. It has large effective specific surface area and more biological attachment. The effluent quality can be improved and the technological process can be shortened by biofilm treatment. The biofilter box is a submerged upflow biofilter, which is a new biofilter developed by EWG for aquaculture micro-polluted raw water.

Volume load is greatly improved.

The biomass attached to the biofilter box per unit volume is large, which increases the volume load of the biofilter and greatly improves the removal efficiency of the biofilter. In the process of operation, strong water, air flow and periodic backwashing make the organisms in the biofilm mostly stay in the stage of bacteria, bacterial micelles and protozoa.

Periodic operation of Biofilter

The biofilter runs periodically, starting from filtration to backwash end to a cycle. Under normal operation, raw water enters the lower part of the filter through the water inlet distribution trough. Under the action of water distribution system and filter material resistance, the water inlet of the filter is uniform. The air cloth gas pipe is installed at the lower part of the filter layer, and the gas is arranged by perforated cloth and air pipe. Due to the adherence of a large number of microorganisms on the surface of the filter media, dissolved oxygen in the water is used to degrade some organic matter and ammonia nitrogen, and the effluent is collected from the upper catchment tank.

More suitable for nitrifying bacteria growth

The filter box uses lightweight granular media as filter media. The specific gravity of filter media is small, generally about 0.1. The specific gravity and particle size can be determined according to actual needs. The filter media has a series of advantages, such as wide source, large specific surface area of filter media, suitable for microbial growth on the surface, low price, good chemical stability and so on. The upper part uses the porous filter plate to resist the buoyancy and the resistance of the filter material.

Specifications & Models


Especially for aquaculture, fully automatic cleaning

EWG-MBBR upwelling bi0filter process uses the basic principle of biofilm method, makes full use of the advantages of activated sludge method, and overcomes the shortcomings of traditional activated sludge method and fixed biofilm method.The key technology is to study and develop biological fillers with a specific gravity close to water and easy to move freely with water under slight stirring. The biological filler of North Yin has the characteristics of effective surface area and suitable for microbial growth.

Other Biological Filters of EWG-RAS

Recirculating Aquaculture System(RAS) combines the characteristics of aquaculture, microbiology, environmental science and other disciplines in a relatively closed space, using a variety of biological, physical and chemical methods to quickly remove the excrement of aquatic organisms and food residues, so that the water quality can be reused after purification, and the general water weight is reused. The utilization rate is over 90%. On the premise of adding only a small amount of supplementary water, recycled water is used for intensive cultivation of high density aquatic organisms.