EWG has built independent Production of 80% RAS equipments

Biological Filter of MBBR & BOX

EWG-RAS consists of physical filtration system, biological filtration system, thermostatic system, sterilization and disinfection system, water quality online monitoring system and so on. Biofiltration system mainly includes moving bed biofilter (MBBR), modular biofilter and upflow biofilter box.

Structural design of Biofilter

Through special aeration and structure design, the EWG MBBR reactor can speed up the packing film-hanging, with large effective specific surface area and more biological adhesion. It can save sludge reflux, high efficiency dephosphorization and ammonia nitrogen removal, improve effluent water quality, save land consumption and shorten process flow depending on biofilm treatment. The special packing rotates freely under the agitation of the mixture in the reactor, and the biofilm fully contacts and decomposes the pollutants in the water body, thus purifying the water quality.

Full consideration of sewage quality

EWG-MBBR bio-filler is a moving bed biofilm reactor and a new type of bio-active carrier. It uses a scientific formula and combines a variety of trace elements which are beneficial to the rapid attachment and growth of microorganisms in the polymer material according to the different nature of culture wastewater. It is modified and constructed by a special process and has a specific surface area. Large, hydrophilic, high biological activity, fast film hanging, good treatment effect, good impact resistance, long service life and so on.

Technical characteristics of EWG bio-filler

After special treatment on the surface of the filler, the adhesion ability of the biofilm is very strong, the specific surface area of the filler is large, the porosity is high, and the adhesion biomass is large.
According to the geometry design of fluid mechanics, the three-dimensional flow force of filler in water is strong.
The addition of trace elements such as hydrophilic groups only takes 3-15 days.
Excellent impact resistance, strong shear capacity and high dissolved oxygen content.
No bracket is needed, easy to fluidization, energy saving and land saving.

High specific surface area availability

The structure of the filler is characterized by a protected inner surface area for microbial growth, which is blocked by the filler and divided into small bubbles when air flows through the water flow and the voids in the filler. In such a process, the filler is fully stirred and mixed with the water flow, and the air flow is fully divided into small bubbles, increasing the contact between biofilm and oxygen and oxygen transfer efficiency. EWG-MBBR process can greatly reduce operating costs and energy consumption, while greatly improving treatment efficiency and shortening hydraulic residence time.

Specifications & Models


Especially for aquaculture, fully automatic cleaning

EWG-MBBR bio-filler process uses the basic principle of biofilm method, makes full use of the advantages of activated sludge method, and overcomes the shortcomings of traditional activated sludge method and fixed biofilm method.The key technology is to study and develop biological fillers with a specific gravity close to water and easy to move freely with water under slight stirring. The biological filler of North Yin has the characteristics of effective surface area and suitable for microbial growth.

Other Biological Filters of EWG-RAS

Recirculating Aquaculture System(RAS) combines the characteristics of aquaculture, microbiology, environmental science and other disciplines in a relatively closed space, using a variety of biological, physical and chemical methods to quickly remove the excrement of aquatic organisms and food residues, so that the water quality can be reused after purification, and the general water weight is reused. The utilization rate is over 90%. On the premise of adding only a small amount of supplementary water, recycled water is used for intensive cultivation of high density aquatic organisms.