Products & Services

Planning & Architecture of RAS Farm

Including large RAS, breeding RAS farm,  RAS for Aquaculture Vehicle, RAS of multiplication release etc.

Drum Filter & Protein Skimmer

Drum Filter and Protein Skimmer of EWG are with simple & durable design, also we can provide application data to certify higher efficiency.

Biological Filter of BOX & MBBR

Since 2017, EWG can supply you at least 3 completely different Bio-filters, which are all with EWG’s invention patent.

AQUA60 Online Monitoring

Engineers of EWG make the Aqua60 monitoring system especially for Recirculating Aquaculture System.

Fish Pond of Fiberglass

Since June 2017, EWG has self-owned workshop of Fiberglass Fish Pond, with the highest quality standard.


EWG UV sterilizer is more efficient and safer because of  the verified combined sterilization technique with Ozone.