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Including large RAS, breeding RAS farm,  RAS for Aquaculture Vehicle, RAS of multiplication release etc.


Drum Filter,Protein Skimmer,Bio Filtering System, UV sterilizer,Monitoring System, Fiberglass Fish Tanks etc. are all designed and manufacturered by EWG.

Competitive Pricing

More independent production, more competitive price we can provide.


For all projects and equipments sold, EWG provide :One year warranty, maintenance of life!


EWG provides the best RAS services including: Farm Planning, System Design, Equipments supply & application, and RAS Technique Trainning.


Because of strongest team of RAS academic elites, EWG is becoming a more reliable RAS Turn-key solution Provider.

Going ahead in designing and RAS equipment developing when peers merely manufacture.
Going ahead in intelligent thermal control, adaptable unit design, water temperature-based and multiple stage sterilization when peers confined to low price completion in equipment market.

Going ahead in localization of RAS when peers start copying foreign RAS.
Going ahead in studying connections between NH4-N removal rate and ammonia concentration, water temperature and flow, as well as the influence on the system of feeding efficiency and strategy when peers stops at biofilter research.
Going ahead in lowering the system running cost by over 28% with the same breeding density when peers begin to study energy cost.
Going ahead in a full swing propel of a green, clean, harmless factorial circulating water breeding when peers draws attention to the new trend.

RAS Planning

Aimed at the leading enterprise in China’s RAS industry, Ecowater sticks to integrating human talent, tech advantages and experiences, to work together with world-class experts, researchers and peer companies, in order to boost the water-saving, green, clean, high-efficiency, low cost and traceable product quality breeding mode in China.

RAS Equipments

EWG-RAS is one of the most successful  companies in RAS planning and operation of RAS farms, Long term focused on R & D and production of RAS equipments  , to create China’s most energy-efficient RAS.

RAS of Special Aquatic Species

EWG-RAS is High efficiency, environment friendly, controllable production procedures instead of low efficiency, high pollution, nature-reliant traditional mode;Academic elite researchers of EWG also specialized in RAS of special aquatic species,like crab,leech,oyster,loach etc.

■ Upgrade of the RAS available

Evaluating customers’ RAS equipment and the whole production procedures, examining, researching and analyzing every optional energy investment in the system.Minimizing the systematic energy input without interrupting production. We emphasize three Es: effectiveness, do the right thing; efficiency, minimize systematic running time; economy, balance yield and cost to maximize input-output ratio.

■ Feasibility research on newly built RAS includes:

Overall investment, running cost, feeding system, seeding system design, description of circulating water system, overall design of aqua farm, equipment list, energy use design, seed source, feed source, and product fish sales.

■ RAS farm design

Ecowater can design a new breeding farm or expand, transform an available one according to research on resources, land, and climate. We provide AUTO-CAD design blueprint and 3-D demo as well as all necessary civil engineering designs, including fish pond of all kind, cement pond construction, electrical engineering, aeration, biological filtering system installation.
Production plan making
Based on customers’ investment, Ecowater designs objective productivity, and make a whole package production plan covering all input, output, seeding, feed and manpower, etc.

■ Supervision and guide in RAS building

Besides a thoroughly-thought plan, we also supervise on the scene, working on the measuring work to ensure a smooth carry-out.

■ Technicians Training

Customers’success is our success. We also consider it our job to train technicians. The programs we provide include: on-the-job training, manual explanation, system initiation, post-young seedling quality and taming, farm management, water chemistry, marine biology, water processing system, water quality inspection, feeding, daily maintenance and harvesting. Our experts could do one-on-one guide and training for the first half year production.

■ Operation support

Customers can contact us through phones, QQ, e-mails and we-chat 24/7. We have a distant water quality monitoring on a daily basis to ensure no malfunction.

■ RAS farm management

Customers may choose a long or short term employment of our expert after a half-year guidance period.

■ RAS equipment

water power equipment(pump, draught fan ), mechanical filtering equipment( micro strainer, protein skimmer, sand cylinder), biological filtration equipment(biological ball filler, brush), aerobic equipment (oxygen cone, oxygenator, liquid oxygen tank, gas relay rock), sterilizing equipment ( ultraviolet, ozone ), thermostatic equipment (heat pump, rod), breeding pond design and online water quality testing equipment.