Reliable RAS equipments manufacturer of China. Excellent RAS Turn-key solution Provider.

Our Products & Services

Planning & Architecture of RAS Farm

EWG can design a new RAS farm with most RAS equipments self produced.

Drum Filter & Protein Skimmer

EWG adopts a durable and filtering-efficient stainless steel Drum Filter, with manpower highly reduced.

Biological Filter of BOX & MBBR

EWG BOX Bio-filter system is lowering of energy consumption besides its high yield.

EWG AQUA60 Online Monitoring

EWG AQUA60 online monitoring system covers indexes of PH, DO,salt,temperature etc.

Fish Pond of Fiberglass

EWG Fiberglass fish tanks are used polyester formula with highest quality in the industry.

UV Sterilizer & Ozone Generator

EWG UV sterilizer is more efficient and safer because of  the verified combined sterilization technique with Ozone.

Why us?

RAS farm designing of more than 1,800,000 square meters

Including large RAS, breeding RAS farm,  RAS for Aquaculture Vehicle, RAS of multiplication release etc.

independent production of 80% RAS equipments

Drum Filter,Protein Skimmer,Bio Filtering System, UV sterilizer,Monitoring System, Fiberglass Fish Tanks etc. are all designed and manufacturered by EWG.

Competitive Pricing

More independent production, more competitive price we can provide.

Lifetime Service

For all projects and equipments sold, EWG provide :One year warranty, maintenance of life!

Turn-key solution Provider of RAS

EWG provides the best RAS services including: Farm Planning, System Design, Equipments supply & application, and RAS Technique Trainning.

RAS R&D of academic elites

Because of strongest team of RAS academic elites, EWG is becoming a more reliable RAS Turn-key solution Provider.